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Pedoman Networks is a distributor or reseller for the following product range :-


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Avaya -- Avaya’s unified communications solutions help companies increase employee productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs by integrating multiple forms of communications, including telephony, e-mail, instant messaging and video. With Avaya unified communications solutions, customers can communicate effectively regardless of location or device.

Avaya Aura® architecture simplifies complex communications networks, reduces infrastructure costs and delivers voice, video, messaging, presence, web applications and more to users. Using this architecture, organizations are able to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy applications from a centralized data center to users regardless of the device they are using or the network to which they are connected. Avaya IP Office, an award-winning, global flagship SME solution which connects to both traditional and the latest IP lines and scale up to 2000 extension.

Avaya Scopia® Video Conferencing Infrastructure-Assign a virtual video room to anyone in your organization, enabling easy access to those inside or outside your company. These always-on rooms allow scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing from video room systems as well as desktop and mobile apps. Virtual rooms are fully customizable.


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Brocade leading provider of high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing, security, and application traffic management solutions including edge and backbone Ethernet switches, Web and content-aware application switches, network-wide security solutions, wireless LAN and access points, wide area access routers and internet provider edge and service provider core MPLS routers. Foundry's customers include the world's premier ISPs, Metro service providers, and enterprises including e-commerce sites, universities, entertainment, healthcare, government, financial, manufacturing companies, technology, and high-performance computing (HPC) sites.

The brand is most renowned for their range of Gigabit switches, Server Load Balancers / Link Load Balancers / Global Server Load Balancers and their Wireless & Mobility range of products.



Meru Networks-Meru Gigabit wireless LANs are specifically designed for environments where high-density wireless traffic is generated by business-critical applications. Such conditions are accelerated in places where the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is in full force and weak networks are unacceptable: hospitals and airports, universities and schools, hotels and other enterprises. To bring that vision to life, we created a unique architecture that frees networks from the limitations of client control. With mobility in mind, we custom-built a network that could deliver the seamless coverage and simple scalability that are only possible with a single-channel design, a network that could virtualize wireless resources to ensure smooth, predictable performance.

802.11ac builds upon the success of 802.11n which is now the predominant WLAN standard in the market. 802.11n brought improvements in data rates and link efficiencies

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TDT- Expert in data communication - As a designer and manufacturer of modern data communication technology, TDT provides products to the highest standards of quality and reliability. TDT produces Router and Gateway Systems, from small industrial VPN Routers over UMTS Router to large Central Site VPN Gateways and Loadbalancers for host environments.Due to its modular construction of 3G+ or 4G (LTE) mobile are especially suitable for industrial use. An important thing to note is its extremely high reliability due to the use of two SIM cards (dual SIM support) and the the intelligent backup management of the VPN router.

Fluke Networks - Fluke Networks is an operating company of Danaher Corporation (DHR), it has over 500 employees worldwide. NTM Network Time Machine, Intelligent Protocol Analyser with colored graph, network topology and ladder views to quickly identify network and application problems. It is the first all in one, 100% packet capture application with instant identification of server vs network problems.

Microsens-As a leader in supplying fiber optic transmission and access systems, MICROSENS offers devices and systems that satisfy the highest requirements in terms of performance and reliability.MICROSENS guarantees efficient and fast data transmission for all of these fields of application. New ideas generated in conjunction with the euromicron group and other high-tech manufacturers of fiber optic technology are aimed at the joint development of strategic fields of application and technology.

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OneAccess Networks - The OneAccess product range is designed to deliver top-quality data and voice services, ensuring high security levels, reliability and facilitating integration. The result is improved productivity and reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Since its creation, OneAccess has grown to become a worldwide provider of network access equipment, working with a large number of incumbent (ILEC), alternative (CLEC) operators and various other Service providers.

E1 voice over IP WAN

The OneAccess multi-service voice and data router family enables service providers to easily provide small businesses and branch offices of up to 50 users with the latest IP-based professional voice and data communications over a range of connectivity options, with integrated security, all in one single robust and cost-efficient service delivery platform.

OneAccess WAN Optimization Appliances

Our complete and versatile range of WAN optimization solutions, either integrated into a multi-service router or as standalone appliances, enables satellite and terrestrial service providers to offer SMBs, Enterprises and their remote offices a better user experience for their privately and publicly hosted Cloud and data applications.It provides LAN-like speeds by accelerating VPN over public, private and satellite networks, Compression and de-duplication of redundant data as well as prioritization of network flows according to application


X-tera - Specializes in network infrastructure that delivers maximum capacity, reach and value.Xtera’s Load Balancing product solution, AscenLink, allows increased internet and intranet bandwidth capacity over inexpensive internet access services such as DSL or cable modems. AscenFlow delivers the most comprehensive WAN traffic management solution. It accurately analyzes bandwidth usage, monitors network traffic patterns, and intelligently categorizes all traffic flowing between the LAN and WAN. AscenFlow uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology to identify Layer 7 application traffic with pinpoint precision. The identified traffic is then categorized and given priority based on predefined Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic management policies.


Transition Networks - With over 20 years of growth and expertise in hardware manufacturing, Transition Networks offers the ability to affordably integrate the benefits of fiber optics into any data network - in any application - in any environment. Offering support for multiple protocols, any interface, and a multitude of hardware platforms our portfolio gives you the power to deliver and manage your network traffic reliably over fiber.

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Juniper Networks - best-in-class IP routing, security and WAN application acceleration solutions to power and protect the network, as well as the applications and services that run on it. Performance-enabling customer services designed around a time-to-value model that accelerates, extends and optimizes the value of high-performance networking, and fuels competitive advantage.


ONEnet Technologies - Specialized in Networking, data communications and Inverter product manufacturer. (RS-232/ V.35 converter, E&M voice, Analog Leased Line emulation for preserving legacy equipment etc)



Other Products


Palo Alto Networks - next-generation firewalls enable enterprises to identify and control applications, users, and content—not just ports, IP addresses, and packets—using three unique identification technologies: App-ID, User-ID, and Content-ID. These identification technologies allow enterprises to securely enable application usage using business-relevant concepts, instead of following the traditional "all-or-nothing" approach offered by traditional port-blocking firewalls used in many security infrastructures.


PowerDsine -PowerDsine invented and owns the patents for the intellectual property for Power Over Ethernet (PoE). PowerDsine supplies its PoE chipsets to most of the switch manufacturers in the VoIP, Wireless, IP security and RFID market place. PowerDsine also manufactures the widest range of power injectors called Midspans. Whichever way you decide to implement PoE, you will most likely become a user of PowerDsine products. This puts us in a unique position to provide an objective guide for when to use PoE integrated into your Switch or externally via a power injector called a PoE Midspan

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